You have to play by the rules of golf just as you have to live by the rules of life.
There’s no other way.

— Babe Didrikson Zaharias
Tournament Rules – Cancellation Policy – Dress Code


Tournament Rules

The Women’s Harrisburg District Golf Association consists of women golfers from member clubs and Open Invitational Clubs. Tournaments are hosted at these clubs throughout the season. Only female golfers of member clubs shall be eligible for any association privileges.

  1. Each player or team is responsible for the correct scoring and addition of their scorecard. Once a scorecard is signed and turned in, it will be official. If a higher score is entered than actual, it will stand. If a lower score is entered than actual, it will result in disqualification.
  2. An applicant with a valid 18-hole handicap index of no more than 40.4 may participate in WHDGA events throughout the year.
  3. An applicant must have posted ten (10) rounds of golf within one year of the scheduled tournament.
  4. Handicap divisions in tournaments are based on handicap distribution of the tournament field. Maximum allowable handicap for all tournaments is 36.
  5. When playing in a better ball partner tournament that is flighted, the maximum allowable difference between partners is ten (10) strokes. If the difference is greater, the higher handicap player must assume a handicap of 10 strokes over her partner.
  6. When the total number of applications for an event exceeds the limit approved by a tournament’s Golf Professional, applications will be drawn on a random basis — club by club. Entries are based on the postmark date. WHDGA members have priority over Associate Members.
  7. In the interest of speeding up play, pick-up when you are out of the hole. Players found guilty of slow play will be advised to catch up to the remainder of the field or may be penalized by loss of stroke or hole.
  8. The use of range finding devices (e.g. optical or GPS) is permitted during WHDGA events. However, the use of devices that gauge or measure other conditions that might affect a player’s play (e.g. wind and gradient) is not permitted.

Cancellation Policy

An event will not be cancelled less than seven (7) days before the tournament date, except for weather. If a tournament does not have enough participants on the deadline date to meet the Club’s requirements, an event can be cancelled and all checks will be returned to the district representatives. A tournament can be cancelled on the day of the event for situations where the course is unplayable or the playing conditions are dangerous. The contact information provided on the entry form will be used to notify for all cancellations.

Dress Code

When participating in WHDGA tournaments all players must be appropriately attired on the golf course and practice areas at all times.

Slacks, skirts, shorts, and sport shirts are designated as proper attire. Shorts must be no shorter than mid-thigh. (Tennis short length is not considered proper attire.) Tee shirts, tank tops, blue jeans, and cargo shorts/slacks do not conform to the dress code. Soft-spikes or comparable golf shoes are the only footwear permitted.

Each Pro Shop Staff has the authority to ask players to conform to the dress code of the WHDGA and their club.